The fastest way to get a job in Spain in detail

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Establishing a job in Spain to obtain a work residency in Spain There are many ways that you can follow to obtain it, and in this article we present all possible ways to obtain a work residency, and you must choose from among them what suits you, or in other words what is commensurate with your qualifications and practical experience And in all cases, all the conditions required for each of these methods must be met to obtain a work residency.


Ways to obtain work residency in Spain

It is difficult to obtain a work permit in Spain while you are outside Spain, so it was necessary to find some ways that allow those wishing to travel to Spain and obtain a work permit in it, and the most important of these methods are:

1. Obtain a student visa in Spain

When you travel to Spain for the purpose of study, this allows you to reside there for the duration of your studies, and it has other advantages that are summarized as follows:

The study laws in Spain allow students and learners to work for a period of no more than 20 hours per week, so that work does not affect the student’s academic achievement, and at the same time he can save some expenses that help him in the cost of living and residence in Spain.
If the student has completed a full three-year period in Spain for the purpose of study, and has communicated with a business owner in Spain and obtained a work contract, he can extend his residency and change it to one in Spain.
This is the best way for young people to obtain a prestigious university education, and after completing it obtain work and permanent residence in Spain, and then obtain citizenship after five years of your presence on Spanish soil.
The Spanish authorities do not force the student who has completed his studies to leave Spain and return to his country, as some other countries do, and this matter makes obtaining a work permit easier.

2. Obtaining a job residence through marriage

Some young people who want to travel to Spain to obtain residency and work resort to marrying female citizens with Spanish nationality, or at least permanent residents in Spain, and marriage in Spain has several conditions that must be met.

3. Getting a work permit through asylum

As we mentioned earlier, asylum in Spain has several conditions that must be met. These conditions enable you to submit an asylum application and then wait until your application is considered. Then, if you obtain residency as a refugee in Spain, you can get a suitable job and support yourself and your family who can be brought in later.

3. To obtain a job through investment

This method is called the golden residency; It is by obtaining a Spain visa for the purpose of investing there, but you must know that the lowest amount you can start with in Spain is 500 thousand euros, and the available investment with this amount is real estate investment.
As for the investment in the field of banking, you need a much larger amount, estimated at about one million euros.
How to get set up a business through investment
At the beginning of obtaining the visa, the period of stay granted to you is one year, but you can renew it for another two years, and as long as you have established your company in any of the areas available to you in Spain, you can extend it for another two years.

These were some of the legitimate ways to travel to Spain, through which you can obtain a work residency in Spain, and then, after five years, obtain Spanish citizenship.


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