Ways to search for work in Germany and how to obtain a visa to search for work

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Work in Germany

Some people want to travel and get some job opportunities in Germany, and of course this is not easy, but it requires effort and knowledge of the correct methods that must be followed to reach this goal, and we will show you more information about how to travel to Germany and life in Germany for work.

Ways to get a job in Germany
Those who wish to work in Germany must choose a method at the beginning in order to be able to travel to Germany, and there are several ways to ensure that you travel there, and then your task in searching for work will be easier, and among these methods are the following:

1- Obtaining a visa to search for work

This visa is relatively easy, and it allows you to stay in Germany for a period of six months, and through it you have the right to communicate with business owners in Germany and present your qualifications in many places, and try to get a job, and of course if you have a friend there, this will help you a lot, and if you are successful to reach Suitable work, so you do not have to leave the country, but the employer submits a request to change the type of visa from a job search visa to a work visa in Germany.

2- Obtaining a study visa in Germany

As a student, if you are on German soil for the purpose of studying, you can think about working in Germany, and know that German law allows the student to join work during his study period for a period of 20 hours per week, and in the period of holidays and vacations, it allows the student to work for 40 hours per week, which is the number of work hours Full.

The experience you acquire while studying in Germany will qualify you to get a job very quickly, after completing your study program, as the law in Germany allows the student to stay in Germany for a year and a half after the end of his studies, and this period is very sufficient to get a good job opportunity, and you should Then apply to convert the study visa into a permanent work visa.

3- Get a job opportunity online

If it is difficult for you to obtain a visa to go to Germany, you can follow the Internet, and the sites that offer vacancies in Germany, or communicate with the sites of German companies directly and present your qualifications to them, but this method remains ineffective as required, as most of the owners of companies in Germany prefers to deal with residents of Germany, in order to ensure the speedy conduct of personal interviews, and to terminate the contract if the applicant fulfills the terms and requirements of work.

4- Looking for work in Germany through acquaintances and friends

Some people may think that it is easy to get a job through one of his friends in Germany, but the obstacle to the employer’s preference to obtain the employment he needs from inside Germany remains, unless he does not find someone who meets the conditions of work there, the method for the friend’s intervention and nomination of your qualifications file may succeed The business owner persuades you, and he may succeed in you anyway.

Working in Germany remains a great goal that many strive to achieve, and we hope that you will be one of those who will succeed in reaching his dream.

What are the results of obtaining a job after obtaining a tourist visa to Germany?
It does not mean that you are a temporary visitor in Canada for the purpose of tourism, that you cannot search for work, on the contrary, this opportunity is now in your hands. Obtaining a tourist visa is the easiest and now that you are in Germany, take your precautions and start looking for work away from the eyes of the German authorities, even if You have a relative or friend there who will definitely help you get a work contract.

If you obtained a work contract during your tourist visit, you must leave Germany, and then apply again for a work visa in accordance with this contract that you obtained.

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